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Traffic, Leaving Edo for Bob Williams in the traffic center. The traffic hazards still working right now, this is gonna be North found five County road 22 off ramp. This is just over the bridge past the airport. A semi is Ah, right now Blocking the on ramp in old River Road through traffic is moving fine on I five this time not injury hit and run Marconi Avenue at Roseville Road. It looks like possibly an intentional situation with vehicle now on the shoulder. CHP is responding, not injury Crash. This is Industrial Avenue at Athens Avenue, two vehicles involved. Trying to get those out of the roadway. They had been blocking a turn lane of this type Watch for construction activity Survey crews out tonight blocking the late eastbound 50 Pioneer Bridge. The caps in the 99 construction ramp. Also connection ramp I should say, and construction activity North bound 99 at Laguna Boulevard south down 99 alguna as well and the North bound five pocket and the North bound five. At Laguna Boulevard. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Next. Update. 33. Bob Williams needs 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather

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