1 - 2020-21 Premier League Season Preview with Tim Howard - burst 05

The 2 Robbies


Teams are going to get more confidence playing them. This is my this is my issue with if you're if you're me cities losing that Liverpool and Chelsea okay. You can. At the high end but. You can lose those teams you can't lose. INORDER to. Annex. Even have a chance James should look I think that. When you talk about Fernandina at his best right barking orders and who was behind company right now you've now you've really had rock-solid spine. In his thirty five, hundred young men's league. Yes. You still get about because it could football. They have it replaced him. As you said, that's probably the most important. Yes. Get Get in there and and some better centre-half centreback split six the Guy who's in the whole is gotta be replaced. Just. Just just Una Paul might my Robbie. Earle. Kind of head right now. So what he does Tim Robey is a lot more kind of gut feeling more about things

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