Chromebooks Gain Share of Education Market Despite Shortages

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Four our first story pandemic has been huge for laptops and Google secret profit is winning it all chromebooks because we got, we got a whip out the history books here. We've come a long way with the old laptop computer my first computer ahead to live with my legs because it was a gateway, it was like to metric ton the only computer with a cow theme I think that's what they were going for their and then compaq laptops. I'm pretty sure doubled as a bulletproof like storm shield. Yeah, they were. Very Bruce Wayne, and then you had the dude, you're getting a Dell Guy. It's going to cost three thousand dollars. You better get a mortgage for that del. Ted Day the laptop market has changed in ways that might surprise you out. chromebooks are officially becoming the unofficial laptop of over Nineteen Jack. I noticed that because learning is happening remotely schools have been snatching up just the cheapest laptop option out there for kids and you know chromebooks are coming in at like two hundred fifty on the bottom of this is like a skinny computer with no hard drive it's basically a. Lego, it's a physical reincarnation of a chrome web browser that's about it oh, and if you're curious about getting one there sold out, it's a five-month way. Schools are snatching these up at such a rapid rate in preparation for distant learning that crumbs global market share for computers has climbed to ten percent from eight percent last year, which brought Jack and I do a key question. We found fascinating what Tech Company is. Dominating for laptops right now, this same tech company that was dominating for laptops three years ago Nick Microsoft. If there's a Microsoft makes its own laptops, but it's windows software still powers get this eighty three percent of laptops globally we're not just talking about those surface tablets. We're all seeing commercials for now Dell HP Lenovo, most of them are running on windows just like they were thirty years ago and you like look around a college philosophy class and see a lot of silver rectangle or apple macbooks not the winner smack books have just a tiny market according to the. Just, seven percent of global computers are Max ask because Apple has become the global club for high income people who pay in to get the fancy apple laptop. Attackers for the rest of the world, they're using windows or android or chromebook or something cheaper. So Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at Google operation get kids hooked on our chromebooks, smackers most chromebooks in the world those belong to school at this shocking stat sixty, nine percent of all the computers bought this summer by K., through twelve schools in preparation for remote. Learning were chromebook. That's insane. Sixty nine percent. Koumba. Become like the modern day version of the OLA blue calculators used to have to the library did did you have those two? They're like ti like zero, zero, zero one the most fisted function on these things was all clearing before he could graduate to the eighty-three calculating absolute zero with those calculators. Now, Alphabet the company that owns. Google they benefit as kids start using chrome and Seymour. Google ads are also benefiting though by hooking kids at an early age into the Google ecosystem because if you're google docking in your google driving your google chrome booking since you're a seven, you're gonna live a different lifestyle potential. Yeah. If you've been since your seven, you're more likely to pick an android over an iphone. When you turn seventeen and finally get a phone maybe as early as Caney air by the way. Quick shoutout to all the teachers out there the new frontline workers of this country

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