Many within the group ran over to surround their car.


It's an entirely different scene on 1 67. Ours air freely flowing on the road, driving over skid marks on the pavement, many not realizing what was happening at this spot to cause those marks vehicles attempted to take over 167. That's Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson, who says those 100 cars briefly stopped traffic here. Many standing on the road, while others continue doing doughnuts in their cars. Obviously, it's not a safe thing to do and, frankly, not legal, but the folks here continued to spend in their cars and stand in observation. When a trooper showed up. Minutes later, many within the group ran over to surround their car. It's concerning situation when you have, you know one trooper and you kind of hear. You know they're getting you know surrounding the trooper up. So the trooper left and then many officers came back to break up. This groups of the freeway could reopen all in all, taking about six minutes. That's cool. MUSIC pop on reporting the state is reporting 500. More covert cases. Yesterday is Benny's health officials, Elroy this weekend could bring a spike in cases the State Health Department is reporting 76,836 confirmed cases and 1953 deaths. That's an additional 500 weren't one confirmed Corona virus cases? And the whale who captured our heart two years ago when she carried her dead cat for 17 days and 1000. Miles has given birth to a healthy calf. It's

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