Character of God: The Uniquely Biblical View of Grace


In the middle of a series discussing the character of God attributes God assigns himself in really passage in exodus thirty four. Last week, we looked at the first word used to describe himself that he's compassionate. And this week we're GONNA look at the second word. That God is Gracious. When we call someone. Gracious. We often means something like courteous like she was gracious with that stranger, but that's not what God means by. Gracious. So the word that God uses an extra thirty, four six is Han noon Hebrew word honeymoon there's a noun. Which means grace or favor to be an object or a person who has caned means that it's something desirable folks delight and pleasure in favor. The focus of the word fan isn't just on the beauty or elegance of the object, but it's about how the beauty or charm of that object is perceived in the eyes of the observer and so Hain refers to something that's valuable or the generates a favorable response generates favor when I look at it I'm like I like that is an interesting use of the word grace now, very common biblical phrase it appears forty seven. Times. Is the phrase to find Cain in his or her is in other words to find favour or delight in someone is. This phrase is a request for someone to look upon you as favorable or even desirable. If you go through these forty-seven examples, you'll see a pattern that when somebody finds pain in the eyes of another, it's almost always the person who finds the plan is in a subordinate position there have low status or they're vulnerable and so to find pain in the eyes of someone means Pathet, you're being given gift of. Kindness by someone who you don't properly deserve it or or dont necessarily meredith. It's a gift for someone to consistently give this kind of favor and delight means that they are gracious.

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