Do we know who people are paired with?


She spilled the tea on our first dance numbers, she said. I was just approve yesterday to release that we're doing eye of the tiger. I'm so very excited about that. Do we know who people are paired with? Who is dancer gets to have fun dancing with us. I just saw another promo with Tyra and I'm already irritated, but I'll save her. The prince was already He's already been measured for a freezer. Hi. Guarantee dance? No, I don't know who she is paired with a fixed I don't It's not announced that yet. No, but I'm excited to watch for curiosity. How are they going to do this? How is it going to be different? What is tired going to be like, What is Derek Hough going to be like? He irritates me on a normal day. So she also revealed that she's been turning down media opportunities left and right after the next flick, Siri's premiered It was her daughter who convinced her to rethink the ABC competition show. She said, Mom, you got to do this and Ah and she and Carol said, so I contacted them, and I thought what they would do. I thought what they would do to pair me with a star. That's because she didn't really know the show. So she was like, What if I would do this show like you asked me to do. Who would you pair me with what other star and they're like? No, you would be paired with a dancer that's dancing with someone. Has to teach you,

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