Ecology Lessons from Mt. Auburn Cemetery


Tell us about when Mount Auburn sort of formalized the idea of emphasizing places in urban wildlife refuge and set specific sustainability goals like what's that? When did that happen? Well. I would I would say even before I was here, there was certainly a focus on a at some degree of sustainability sustainable practices, but it wasn't. It really started ramping up and you know after I got here because of my own interests, many of the other staff at the time as well and we really felt it was time to do more focus spend more time focusing on and really do the right thing and. It gradually became more formalized Because I'm sorry term planning processes and and when are several years ago we did a strategic plan and one of the top level and strategic initiatives of the plan was to be a model of environmental stewardship. So it really that's when it really became Kinda Corp Institution wide. Horticulture Department. Because of in the. Area I. Mean you're this piece of ecological uniqueness I think I read and one description right? I mean it's it's an unusual place to have one hundred and seventy five acres. In the conditioner. Really. It's it's such an important more and more important these days because we're in surrounded by an urban environment and. Green Open greenspace. That's good for my life and people is that much more important than it used to be and recognized as being important so it's Yeah. We're really in a kind of a unique spot. So. Now as with Central Park in New York City and other such spaces like the birds for instance, and you have a lot of birds they are especially during migration periods at Mount Auburn. Birds knew all along. This was a great ecologically important spot. So tell us a little bit about the wildlife and who calls home and so forth. The I? Say forever third says. Stop Vice About Auburn but. On on the fly over the path of migrating birds, you know come and kind of fun you following the coastline. from Central America and up on up north. So we're right in that in that flyway in in recent years more, the more urbanization has happened the more. Here. We are at the birds fly over and all they say is one hundred, seventy, five acres of five thousand trees in the tree tops is fine over. So it really is an obvious place for them to. Stop and take arrest them get replenished with. Food on their way north we happen to be in you know in in an area zone that birds are migrating through anyway, and of course, there's also a lot of resident birds as well that. Take Up. Space, here. And I imagine that you have bird clubs and stuff worth that left to be there and looking at birds. Yes absolutely that's where we are quite popular destination for many. Many very clubs and Amasau of on society and other. Organizations that that that organized groups to bring here and then just as people. Flock here from as individuals especially in May and peak migrating season, but also throughout the year. So it's not just birds I know for instance, when you did your woodland, you did you've done a number of as part of the sort of overall Mandate of of greater stability and and being more of a wildlife refuge in in recent years that's intensified you've done a number of projects you restored with didn't chew I mean or your receive in restoring the woodland. Tell us a little bit of some of the sort of steps and what did you do? Did you kind of monitor populations and figure out who is there and what you needed to do to what's thought process that when you when you begin an and again, this is a historic place and a place that a lot of people have. attachment to. You know it's an emotional place. It's a treasured place so you can't just change everything right? You have limitation. Right. Glad. You mentioned that we still are very much a an active ongoing cemetery. Belt creating and selling in bear space and burying people all the time in addition to you know generations of people that have already been buried here. So yeah. So we have to keep that in mind while we continue to move forward

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