Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Our Nintendo Backlogs


My Name Is Casey Fritos I'm your host, and this week I am joined by Brian Tahoe. Hi Everyone Seth macy. And Logan. Plants. And I just wanted to mention that Logan Plant has now been working as production assistant for the last year. So thank you so much for everything that you've done for us. We super appreciate it and we welcome you on the show this week. It's been an awesome year of NBC. Got This GIG last August starting my senior year of College McMahon. Twenty. It's GONNA be year. It's going to be the best year for me. At prediction was was very untrue, but I've loved working on NBC. Well, we did get to do a thing that we do everybody who's worked with gene for year, which is broken your house in spray painted the logo on your shirt. So yeah. Yeah, got. Bad. It's still drying right here. Comfortable. I Apologize. But Hey guys so much for joining me this week. Let's start off by talking about the big news, which actually Nintendo finally decided to reveal something before recorded. So I'm very grateful for that thanking Intendo, but we finally known antennas next scheduled release. It will be picked three deluxe out on Astra with. For Fifty, nine, ninety, nine. No. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So You Brian, we're your pigment fan I look pick. Yeah, you. excited. Yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. I, am I'm all for. Every last great. We you exclusive game to no longer be that and to be brought to a platform where millions more people can enjoy it. And I've picked threes really fun. It's really good game. What I'm a little annoyed about with this is that. They. D listed the version. Basically, the exact moment that they announced this version and the version was on was selling for twenty dollars. So. That's kind of A. Weird situation. 'cause like. They're. They're basically telling their fans like if. If you have access to switch, this is where you'll have to play this game because you won't be able to get this anywhere else for cheaper. And also that the it's it's three times the price. Now, they're adding stuff to it, which obviously, we'll get into a, but yet my gut reaction was gay pigment three, and then also boo to the price of then also, you're totally going to pay that price, get pigment three under switch. So yeah, you're totally right. The an I also wanted to mention that we're bringing up the kind of skis tactic of taking it off the we shop. You. Guys noticed that all of the the vouchers that people bought I think it was, it was one hundred dollars for for two vouchers, one voucher per game, and they expired on July thirty first, which is right. Before they made this announcement I know at least one person in our podcast forums on facebook mentioned that they actually called Nintendo customer service and asked for the. Vouchers to get an extension and they granted him the extension by another year. It is now too late to do that. Ari. Or maybe not maybe if you have expired vouchers sitting around, you can call customer service and have them I'm so sorry, Nintendo customer service workers. You guys get a flux of collars because of this, but hey, it's worth a shot right especially if you haven't used them yet. But that was kind of embarrassed about this whole thing to like you mentioned, the vouchers are to one hundred bucks, which means if you buy, you know sixty bucks a sixty dollar game you're saving. Ten Bucks per game, which is a great deal. But you. They stopped selling them like a year ago. Yesterday, basically, two days ago, and with the expiration, you could put them towards stuff that was available for preorder. But because Pittman three wasn't available for preorder. You couldn't put it towards that Nintendo has been pretty quiet about. Announcing Twenty Twenty lineup arrested twenty twenty WANNA and so. You didn't really have anywhere to put that money and then. They retire those vouchers in three days. Later, there were like Pittman three and so A. Libertarian Carriers I. Wish I'd have panned out a little bit better. Yeah not crazy about I will. I would have been more forgiving if they announced it like the day, the vouchers expired because then at least people would be like I, have to spend it on this. Now, I mean, it still would have been a little bit questionable, but not nearly as various as this was i. don't Know Logan Seth? Did you guys by those doctors? No, I. Didn't I thought. It was I would just spend the extra ten bucks. I'm not really a digital player I mostly get physical stuff, but I thought another weird thing about it is like a third of the Games. You could get with voucher dollars. You weren't even saving anything on a bunch of the options. So that was another kind of weird part about the voucher system. I was just never onboard with the whole thing. You. No I didn't buy the batches. I. Actually Forgot

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