Gottlieb says health officials 'failed' White House in early COVID response


Meanwhile, President Trump's former FDA commissioner, Dr Scott Gottlieb, told CBS's face the nation Sunday that the White House leadership was failed by health officials early on during the current virus during the pandemic. Look, I think in this respect the White House leadership was failed by health officials. We did not have a diagnostic in the field so we couldn't screen for it. We should have. We should have started working on that in January, and we over relied on a surveillance system that was built for flu and not for Corona virus without recognizing that it wasn't gonna be a sensitive in detecting Corona virus spread. As it was for Blue because the two virus has spread very differently. Those were two critical failings. Now you could say, Well, the president put those people in place. He's responsible. You could make the second order arguments around that, but I think ultimately the White House did not have the information they need to make decisions. Key function of agencies in the government to provide policymakers with accurate, actionable information. The White House didn't have it, and I had a lot of conversations with White House of this time period because I was concerned it was spreading here and I was pushing them on and they were. They were telling me over and over that they were hearing from top officials. From the agencies that they were pretty confident that it wasn't spreading here. I think when history looks back, that's going to be a key moment. That's what was going on over February. So godly, preparing to put the blame on health officials on Sunday late last week, though, when pressed on the president's words and actions in March, golly but spread the blame

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