Gettin' Grown


Know. Why? Because it's an odd teen challenge, we are talking about. The greatest versus battle that has happened thus far AUNTIE PALOOZA RT Chela. All of that each. And y'all can just call me patty because I'm a little drunk and I can't remember. Where so we begin let's start at the beginning. Okay. Of all. We want to. First of all, we stand a sickening Mian soups. They're both. Honestly Gladys in oxy Patty stepped on the negatives petrified. Why? Because they both hair on just just beautifully tailored. Pants suits that's beautifully tailored United States. It was giving you're not a woman of a particular age. You know you know a pants flu. lattes behind my grandma she has outfits right? She did have you're saying you're not how we like to have like you know to classic pieces that we mix and match things and put things together to like cure rate different looks right. But I feel like we get to a certain age you'll have half all that. So you have outfits you has sits all your clothes come on one hang. Those with this and that's it i. only wear this jacket with these pants and I had time to be worried about nothing else. This is just the pants you join. Max. Everything everything every now and you might get in spy. It's Kinda. Switched shoes out. You might change your purse. You know what I'm saying my grandma will have a pink Slough sometimes you wear a navy blue thestreet sometimes she'll throw silver in grave you know what? I'm saying but it's the pink actually Finland and my grandma addresses. Baskin I completely agree with you she. S She Leopard Lion Zebra. gave us a very show like very sequined from head to toe glint thing getting very dancing with the stars I was present for them and I related to her because gladys and I have the same pair of shoes those Red Jessica, Simpson pumps I bought a pair of those back in the day from the macy's for a job interview. Jessica Simpson. Is Not the brightest. Candle. In the bath and body works but she can put together some shoes assessories Okay I had a Jessica Simpson moment in fashion there was an era where I had many Jessica Simpson shoes you see I mean many many it was some time ago but I'm saying I did was sometime ago. Then while I was very very thirty in the Jessica Simpson where I had a red pair of. Pumps leg gladys. Job Interview I had a Navy I had a navy. Round. Toe Sling back. Jessica Simpson, I did ED's. Also a lot I had A. Member Brown so pumps worth thing. Yes. Yes, I had a black pair of Jessica Simpson pumps that had like a why he was like a black and white shoe moment. It was very, very classy that the church girls eight hundred they got they got their lives to that, but I mean listen. Fashions I mean, Patty came with a sickness part we can count on synthetic wigs in the building you don't. You can't. A yellow. Acrylic. 'cause you. I mean she was giving and I'm. Staying I need hose could never I mean as seventy something years old still giving clicky clack still giving very much hands. Why savigny something years old I mean neon girl true say which with. Very much giving Babich hands at seventy, seventy, five plus. Actually well, well, you know what I'm saying Cherries Right now Nigga I'm picking days. So. What was next? Face Jay Gladys's. Really kicked in the door with the chop, she came out the gate with. Was the song I said there was the one I was waiting for. Your the best thing that ever happened that was the very first song she did then and I. I mean I told Y'all last week that when they played that I was going need a wellness check and gladys say I'm coming straight out the out the door with your Nasih. Because I mean when I heard it I just said Oh. This is what we're doing. Know, all my neighbors probably was ready to called authorities on me last night because I was here bull chest singing. Okay. As you're the best thing, it's my song. Okay. very much one of my favorite. Song because Patty came out she came out with. Gladys came out. She was like I'm just going to be I'm going to be easy, but I'm going to give you a banger. I'm going to let you guys know that I did not come to play with your host. Okay. That's really I'm going to. But? Yes. We're going to go straight there. They got into some talk some banter of course and You know they had to give all their praised to everybody and they were like you know people with the. Thing and it felt like we were sitting at the kitchen table with them they was. Those are sisters they was just catching up one of those sisters so. They. They are on tees and Alex You don't know who Alex is Alex English his. One of our dear friends who was also one of the funniest negative. It's very much though and he funniest people out of it in ever in my life. And he made a joke the other day about how old black women can say whatever they want of course, they can. And he talked talked about this woman at one of his shows and you guys can go read it I retweeted it, and you know I will try to find it and send you a link however. In, light of the watching the antiques and they were like and we love the gays we love. With. Yes, we do. Yes we do. Air. I had quoted Patty thanking case. Thank you days. Patty. Better because let me tell you something the Lgbtq, a community support the fuck out of the game. Thank you. All the drag, all the drag queens were in the chats. I saw Bianca del Rio Bob the drag Queen was tab me out the entire time everybody. Getting the we'll get, we'll get to comments because Yano. The comments section is is literally the second of all of these experiences. So the second moment that that took me out. was when Patty saying if you asked me to. Yeah she and she had to set she said let the record show. Okay. So lead this after me. Versus the lead but I did IT I. Oh. Yes. You did that you earn no way. Would I? Life. And may everywhere you honey I mean dad took her tablet and asked her nose like and what was saying okay that was my song I did. Leaned this in gladys has to like throw some ice on the roadway we live. Gladys. Gladys was like, oh I. have been friends a long time and you could tell gladys knows patties into every. Just watching Patty do you do come out with this? First of all? We address the Mirror Fan all. The Bee's Mayora okay. We did Louis Vuitton luggage or the money. She had the beauty and the Beast Mirror and it's fan and gladys was sitting over there.

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