Boston University professor crushed to death in elevator accident


Ah, Boston University professor was crushed to death by an elevator in her apartment building. When it suddenly dropped, trapping her between floors. What my wife saw was the lady's arms like hanging on to her package. Oh, said building resident Eric Carmichael. Hey, describing the evening of horror that killed French lecturer carry O'Connor, a man who witnessed the accident had to be rushed to the hospital for trauma. I I heard someone That was bringing in a package out in the hallway and then I heard ungodly Scream, said resident Lea Answer Cause scores Oni We ran into the hallway. We saw a gentleman who was obviously in distress. He was screaming and hyperventilating, saying she's dead. She's dead scores only told CBS that the man who witnessed the accident was helping O'Connor that the woman who was crushed With a box into the building, and he was going up the stairs and he had told her Hey, be careful because you have to pull the door across and then step in and then press the button of the of the elevator. If you have something in their it contributor a sensor, she said of the lift, which she described his old fashioned. The witness believes that whatever O'Connor was trying to get in there, hit the censor, and that started the elevator moving the elevators. Roof was visible from the lobby after the

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