FaZe Jarvis Plays Fortnite Again After 1 Year Anniversary Of Getting Banned By Epic


You know Tim a to talk Ford night from time to time. So I'm glad we get him to do it. We are few POD. Though. For those of you that don't remember there was a player on face face Jarvis that streamed himself cheating. To show in his words to show how easy it was to cheat in fortnight and he was making it a youtube video. So intentionally, did it intentionally streamed it stupid I. Thank you. I know there's a lot of advocates for him. Thought it was a dumb thing to do anytime. You Cheat in a game you're gonNA wrist assault yourself from being permanently banned it look they came down with the harsh penalty on him in the sense that they are not going to abandon. He is permanently banned from playing for night at least onstream. Obviously, they're not gonNA be able to stop him upstream from creating multiple counts so. Just, the other day he tweets out I'm back I'M GONNA play for at night tonight basically double Fu to the epic. Developers in said GonNa play Fortnight An. So the high built up around this and got a lot of likes was trending on Youtube that Jarvis back and Yada Yada Yada he streams for thirteen minutes before. His band kicks in those the can't see me I'm doing this in quotes ban the reason this is. In its early speculation on land. That was totally staged that whole thing was a hundred percent in my mind a staged video made for you to it didn't go to a ban screen at just said he been logged out which in my mind makes me believe somebody else just logged into his account in another computer another room to kick him out. It happened like thirteen minutes and it was the perfect youtube reaction video. I mean you might as well have had courage Maven in all these guys in there yelling it was that hyped when he got band. To me just a it was made for cliques. They got the impression out of it. It did what it was supposed to do, but it was bogus data was so fake I one hundred percent I mean first off a new Josh I don't I don't know if it was faked because phase such a genuine organization. Especially, on the content creation side I mean nothing they do is staged or exaggerated or setup not at all not at all phases. Super honest in that regard. From, the beginning. I have here I. Don't know how this is going to sound because I'm playing it through my phone. This is when Jarvis got caught the first time and he did his apology video. So this this audience you know it sounds. Apologies if this doesn't sound good especially from a game, you know love so much like. This I never thought. I'd have to. ICON speak. You know I have who wanNA. Like John to be able to play for my again. That's all I WANNA do is play for I. You know I just wanted to do your white truly loved the most in life, and so there's a quick snippet. There's like seven minutes of it and you get the point he was like bawling his eyes out during his apology video and then like within forty eight hours and make another clips and he's laughing and they're doing their bit where they're like, well, why yes. Phase do, phase up no hate. I. Don't want to I don't hate anyone, but if I had to hate someone. Jarvis would probably be my top ten. His reason forgetting band was incredibly done to begin with in now just the way that this is like. Gone is just a big publicity stunt is how I feel in. So I mean look I don't hate him at all like I. Really Don't hate him. He has an effective is literally I've thought of Jarvis phase drivers twice in my life. This moment now and when he was banned the first time other than that, I've never heard of him. I don't know really know what he does at phase he could be the mail for you needed him to do this to make it worth it to keep them on. You know on on the payroll. To do something big, it was big in accomplished. What they were supposed to do. It was just it's funny. 'cause I know there's a lot of people out there that believe it was it was real like there are a lot of twelve year olds which is. Large. Audience to like you know it's a fun video for them. So they did a good job in that retrospect but. A bullshit stage video at the end of the day right like any. Normal adult will watch that India like. They did this for clerks pretty fast or pretty effect, but the twelve year olds eat it up. So. Famous phase up phase up.

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