Is Paris she describes the place is more of a prison camp


The place is more of a prison camp with solitary confinement and physical abuse. So they made an example of you and they would choke you. No. And hit you? Yes. And it's so weird to think now buried this for so long with my emotions, so Now to think about it. What happened? It's so weird from you to even be like, How is this? Really, really? We reached out to Provo Canyon, in a statement. They said, in part that Provo Canyon School was sold by its previous ownership in August 2000 and they therefore cannot comment on the operations or patient experience prior to this time. Little bit. Paris Hilton on CBS Sunday morning. Oh, yeah, she also At the very end, she reunites with some of the her classmates in the school. And if you're seeing this hashtag breaking code silence, it brings attention to abuse in what they call these boarding schools that parents and their Children their problem. Children, too. Is essentially what it is, and they're just opening the doors about what happened to them. And you see how that experience has shaped her entire life. Even questions of becoming a mother in her relationships. She always chooses abusive partners. Her parents, she talks to them. Her mom. About the experience because she didn't She wasn't really forthcoming with the abuse that happened there. She was just so grateful to get out and to make her own way. So to see her mom kind of realized Whoa, that happens. That she was really concerned with their image, their reputation. And also just that constant need for stuff. Four. Love and affection that she gets from fans. That was another thing when I thought Whoa, it's hard for her to trust friends and even family. She's like, I don't trust anybody anymore. Does she crave it? Lex? Is it like Oh, is she does she craved the attention? Absolutely. But at the same time, she's feeling guilt about being the original influencer. So she's saying, you know, I spurred this whole thing that everyone you know, Taking selfie is really we can go back to. She was doing that before anyone is so true. The self obsession in the Yeah. Yeah. The look at me thing. Yeah. She always has her phone in her hand, and she she goes into because you know it tracks how many hours you spend like these are years of my life. That I've spent, but at the same time she can't help herself. She's still sharing things. And she's like I wanted to make $100 million that I want to be a billionaire. And I'm just I just keep working for that. And that and that, so she does. She has insomnia. Now The film itself is about 45 minutes too long. Okay, so I'm just going to give you that warning In the beginning. It's just like okay. We get it. We get it. We get it, but in general, it was Fascinating just to see What she went through and just how that's Still present in her life. You see this relationship with Alex? He's I guess the guy that she's been most recently connected Teo and They start fighting. So you just as she's experiencing one of the biggest Events in her deejay career because she gets paid a million dollars to deejay. What on event? Yeah, well, my cousin hotter lilies. Yes, I've heard that. So she's as she's getting ready for that. She's like, cut his bracelets off. You're like Whoa! Okay, Wow, that's stressful. Right minutes before she goes on stage, it adds a new dimension to her to someone that we thought sometimes was a caricature and one dimensional. Yeah, and she fully admits that she's like, Look, I'm in on the joke. I'm ready for you to see the real Paris. I mean, it's genius when you think about it. Oh, absolutely partner with YouTube and Tio, reinvent yourself. She's probably sick of it.

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