Jillass: The All Female Jackass - #614


Brought to you by Gusts Gus. On Gavin. I'm Andrew, you go. I'm Barbara. Sponsor Gus Hey. Thank you for conjuring episode. So generous. Pay For sponsoring this video. Nothing. Oh man little backdoor deal little back door right? Back, door shenanigans who gets. The. Commission. It's a good question and if there's Zero Dollar Sale Zero Dollar Commission. That's the way we were right the no haggle guarantee what you. What you see is what you pay here at Sorolla. Sorolla. Fortunate I. Think wait a minute like if you were going to name a company after yourself like there's the companies that have. People's names like. What am I like GUS CO or Sorolla? Deal with. Sound. So weird like until. Like you say it over and over and it becomes like embedded in your head it just sounds weird saying something like that. Gus. Co. is a place. You'd have a bishop to for sure. CA-. Yeah. It's very exclusive. Anything in bulk everything is just a singular item. Gusto has great hotdogs guy. Thirty percents? Yes. No, but they have a cafeteria. And it's got like a little concession stand and hotdogs still thirty five cents still like dirt cheap they're not foot long ten inches we have to cut corners. Shrink a little bit just to keep keep the costs down. Under. The point is extra big though, but it's still really big. He's got to eat a lot of brands to get sued along. That's that like that how Delta airlines saved a billion dollars a year by cutting one cherry tomato out of the Salads or whatever that like you know lateral thinking move was that's how you save money by taking an inch off the foot long hot two inches long hotdog. Speaking of Delta Airlines I didn't read the whole star Ritz something weird about Delta Airlines. Ripe right literally right. Before we came on to the PODCAST I headed up on my browser here. So I didn't read the whole story, but it's something like. They were going to take six point, five billion dollars to try. The airlines are hurting right now with less travel going on but they were gonNA take six point five billion dollars out of their frequent flyer program and use it to keep the airline operating for now it's like are you just moving money from one pocket to another to know how to? Keep the airline afloat. What? What's the money spent on in the frequent? Flyer program. Resulting cut damn. Delta Airlines. I told entirely know what the logistics of that are, but it sounds like just attracted drop between bank accounts. Will use frequent flyer program toback six point five, billion dollars in debt. I had this amount of my checking account listened my. But. It's like van Mo-. It's like, do you want it in three days that's free but if you want now, that'll be seventeen. They're gonNA take action fees convenience. Six point five billion dollar loans and use. Collect used their frequent flyer program as collateral. I guess I. Don't understand how the actual money. Specifically in the frequent flyer program well, it's tied up right. It's like there's potential free flights and things that people can redeem. So it's it's potential a hit to their bottom line. So I guess you're right. It's like it's a negative they're using a negative. To borrow more. It's a bonus to them, right? It's like a liability for them. It's stuff that they eventually pay out like we have all this money will have to pay eventually we'll use that secure alone without be like me trying to like save my mortgage by. Giving them my student debt. Of US exactly. Obviously. Our CFO's or working the finance department and probably shouldn't be no idea how it works. Well, here's the thing that actually leads me to believe that it's actually not complicated. Everyone is just a fraud. That's what it makes. Me Believe it doesn't make me believe that we don't know understand business. It makes me think that nobody does and that it's all just witchcraft. General Right. Till, you make it Kinda. Like nobody knows what we're doing. That's like how Enron and pyramid schemes and made off and all that stuff happens. Right? It's like you just like we don't know. Whether the people sometimes who are committing fraud don't know that they're committing. Every but no one wants to sound stupid or accusatory. So no one asks. Episode of the office where they combine the branches and Stanley keeps asking the New People. The ones like one of the new people have been to jail for like financial fraud or something and Stanley keeps asking the new guy what do you went to prison for and then there's like that one on one interview standards. I keep asking him because what you went to prison for sounds like what I do every day at my own. Such a good line. Oh my God. But also true. So. fucking raccoons they're back. You've got an issue I've got raccoons again. Remember we had that RTA forever ago about raccoons on backyard. Eating my grease trap. They're back and they're hanging out with the kids call it these days. My wet ask grease trap. It's W. F.. Just hanging out I had to go out and yell at them look at them those Fat Fox. I mean what they're doing who they look at. The bring rain. But they're not. A. There forever. They weren't moving. I was flashing my lights at them I was like. That's so cute. Because of the resolution, it looks like a painting like it looks. Like Norman, Rockwell's after dark series or something. I. Love Them. Out of all the pictures to. Story Book I feel like they should be lookin' aeration courtesy of Costco Okay here we go. It was a Saturday evening and the raccoons have nowhere to go. Lethargic from lack of food and heat one of them sat up and exclaimed, we should go eat gus, his grease trap. Then then they decided. was. Down there. Records. I think I think there are amazing I think he should do you think if you put up a failure. Do you think it would. Deter, the real living records. Now I mean, look at them they were hanging out together. I, mean, they know each other that? I would. I would think that it would deter cats but there's cats everywhere around here now. I think it's an issue in. A tweet recently that said that Animals, the UNCANNY valley doesn't work animals. What does it? Get creeped out by something that kind of looks like them. Which means that there's something in. My life broke. There's something own evolution that is like hard coded in our DNA to be suspicious of stuff that looks kind of like us but it doesn't exist in the animal kingdom and that all aid no scary Dixie read edit tweet.

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