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Out this weekend. I think you broke it. Isaiah Wilson, the Titans first round pick arrested for DUI. Why? That would be bad enough. But some of the details sounds like a witness said he was just doing doughnuts before he lost control of his car and struck a concrete. Well, what are we doing here? The weekend before the opener on And what is this? How has this affected the team? Well, I mean, if there's any positive to be taken, and there's very little in this situation, it's that he wasn't going to play. He wasn't going to factor in to really I imagine much of their 2020. He's been considerably out of shape at camp. He was at best third on the depth chart behind Dennis Kelly and Tyson Brio who they got off the scrap heap in free agency this year. So from that perspective, they've been operating without him from a football. From a football function, but I mean, he seems to be dealing with something fairly serious. He thiss was not a reputation that he had at Georgia. This is not something that they were that they had any expectation would be the case and it kind of problems. With Isaiah Wilson coming in. And Yeah, he went out for margaritas, but we can before game while he's on his second stint

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