Wildfires and Apocalyptic Skies Across West Coast


Remember the fires out West are burning from Washington state through Oregon clear down to California and firefighters in Oregon. Say they're slowly making progress battling the worst of them but they say they're still very worried about what they may find in the destruction that's been left behind NBC News National Correspondent Miguel Almaguer has the story for US tonight. It took minutes for wildfires in Oregon to incinerate six towns. Today in this House gape the grim search for bodies is underway. It feels like Armageddon with the death toll rising and dozens unaccounted for state officials call the smoldering apocalyptic scenes, a mass fatality incident. Officials here see parallels to the twenty eighteen fire in paradise. California. To hear about what happened in paradise is what was on everybody's minds During that inferno that destroyed the town eighty-five kill the biggest casualties had against the loss of life we never would have predicted that. As the wildfires explode out of control and Oregon. A record one, million acres torched in just one week double the state average loss for an entire year. Across the West in a season where firefighters had been overrun by flames at least thirty five or day thousands of homes are gone and tens of thousands remained evacuated today the president briefed on the fear red flag warnings could fuel another overnight disaster including this fire outside. Los. Angeles. Meantime hundreds of miles away from the burn zone. No escape from nature's Fury I can't agree. I kinda makes my brain a little foggy, the largest cities in the West, choking on the world's most polluted air doctors warn the toxic smoke can trigger respiratory problems, strokes even attacks we started to wear the and ninety five's rather than just the cloth masks because of the Ash Scum Allergies flaring in environmental catastrophe compounded by a natural disaster as officials investigate possible acts of arson despite the terrible air quality, the search for the missing will continue, but in these conditions that could take months.

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