Eberle extends series for Islanders with 2OT winner in Game 5

Boomer & Gio


You're talking about the NBA, go back to that in a second but first we're GONNA we're going get the islanders some love here albeit with arranger ranger announcer still they go to overtime the second overtime last night and they keep hope alive. Luck, Varlamov right point shattenkirk on his shot and chip clear Racing Ford Andrews Li Li it front I believe he's And that is SAM. Rosen on Westwood one to one the final score. Abberley. The game winner Ryan Clark scores. Power, play goal earlier on the night and some off with thirty-six save some of the game. Sound from early says, we all played well, boys about on our tonight we We had some moments in the zone and especially in overtime where we had a broken stick collapsed and just held on swayed far chance and they got it and buried it pull oxes we found a way You know our mindset coming in was worried about this game You know we just had to win a game to stay alive and you know we we stayed patient and. You guys. It's just one ship one period one game and this is it in his case, it was five periods but. You know. Enders Lee needed that he needed that they hadn't really scored in this series and they were trying all sorts of combinations you know and just trying to get something going and look still one game, I? Mean you know I didn't beat him seven to ride. Exactly. There are a lot of posts that were hit. They were great saves by both goals or blocked shots defensemen was it's everything. And this is why they say winning the Damn Stanley Cup. It's not just the games themselves in the scores, but it's the block of the shots that thrown the bodies around the fists, the elbows, the surgeries that are going on I mean just never stops.

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