569 - Duncan Trussell - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura - burst 66


Appearance. Make sure you go to his website White America Dot Org. Of His podcasts and his touring dates coming up in the new year. Anything else you'd like to add. Yeah we are having a huge anti. It's GonNa be at the your mom's house studio. And I will reveal that location is walking. Thank you very much. Do. This was a lot of fun man. A lot of time we're GONNA. Miss you. You got to send some Alaskan wildlife photos or Yeah I'm GonNa, send you I. I already do have a I map something. Really sure. Thanks so much I have coming out a beautiful calendar of Wildlife Erotica. Not Just grizzly bears. raccoons Spero's, of course, the rabbit and and house cats but. It's not so sexual that you couldn't put it. In Your House people most people don't even

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