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Thank you. And I know that many of these people are very humble people so and I think that God is leading the prayers. So you're in good hands. Thank you. Okay. So again at the Latino small business. Roundtable of the president and small business people from across the southwest mystery vase who was from Tucson Arizona the event is held in Las Vegas there have been his Latino business people there from Nevada from California from New Mexico and Arizona. I'm not finished here that was only. That was too. I got three I got four more. Now Note, did he send the small business people that it's important there, Frayne For the president. Gentleman I just have to say regardless of the nomination don't you take just a little bit of comfort in that in knowing that there are people out there that c glasses that are half full and not half empty. And actually think that asking God intercede for them with all of this strife and deceit and evil and violence is going on out there and that they actually believed that the president has their interests at heart and are willing to get on your knees and pray. Regardless Yeah but you know what he was in adulterer. Okay. So what? That's not how it works. Pray for, the President's conversion. That's my prayer and then he gets it right? But the fact that the that now look we`re We live in a world where we're told that idiosyncratic groups separated by razor of necessity or whatever their religion or whatever. That's all the rage here. This is a group here that. Did Not ask president trump is denomination was, but just said, we're praying for you I take great solace in net. Not, sanguine about the results here. Don't don't misunderstand but the fact that those people are out there and they're willing to put themselves out there because you know you go public for trump. They're gonNA come after you. There already went after Rivas by the by and he and his wife survived here. The next clip here is now listen to this. We're told that by Alexandria causing a little protests and not to below and all the rest of the usual lip tarred to Monica Drina chrome guzzling suspects. We're told that the only reason that immigrants come here to the United States is so they could become Democrat vote in our elections and suckle out the federal teat. They agree one of the pro game gave. ME. Really. Will listen to this immigrant story. Many immigrants like myself or many other people who their fathers parents grandparents came here a hundred, two hundred years ago. We'll came for here for for similar reasons for security for for safety. For. The opportunity to own our own business and the opportunity to raise their kids and our families in a safe stable environment. Brandon handle. That's why one of the reason why we support you and so many people support the people that I know they support. He goes well. But the real reason is that I tweet it out I said, they were giving him a hard time. I tweeted out. This is a great couple and I looked at him I said look at this couple and they were giving him a hard time and they were trying to boycott because this other side is very vicious. boydguards. So I said you know what? It's not very presidential but I'm GonNa do a tweet for Sammy and is beautiful. and. You never saw lines like this ever before. And that's the reason and I'll tell you you been even great and I appreciate i. hear the places doing fantastic. Mr President thank you very much and have a few more things. Trump on talking here. My My. My wife and I were blessed with three excellent young boy off boys three young men they're doing very well in college. And I feel that. Every kid. Has the need to be supported or to beloved in our four, five six years old help him in highschool cutting then get through college. We're like I say we've been blessed. Our kids are graduating from high school from college we donors and I think that. This is a story you're not supposed to hear of minorities. Everything is rotten America's sucks. We discriminate against these people. At me cages, Alexandra? Has. We make life miserable for these people. They don't accomplish anything unless the Democrats come along and give them a program. Yeah. Just loved this Rivas guys like my wife and I are blessed with three children we raised them. And have a small business. And they pray. I said you look close there still is that little under there's still is that goodness There is still good in America. It's still there. There's evil abundant but like Saint Paul says where evil exists. Grace. Abounds more. Later Church. Why are you based on your home or for this Guy i? Just love the way he talked with the breadth and. I just love the way that trump banners back and forth with them he goes like. The real reason is because I, gave him a tweet as restaurants doing really good now. I. said, that's not very presidential. It isn't. An absolutely here's it, but you did it anyway Mr President this is why. The press.

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