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Your Mom's House


Communities where maybe they're not exposed to white people as often in other words day to day interactions aren't as frequent. So when you do encounter somebody that's of. Groups that stay together and then they encountered someone new you go. Oh, my God it's like you go to like like we were talking about like Korean food right has a very distinct to go to Korea they smell like garlic. But even if you go like a Korean restaurant here, that's like core in k town and you walk in and you're the you're the white guy there men the restaurant smells different people are like I. Think this is more like maybe less interaction but there's definitely a thing I've heard of white people smell. I I just keep thinking study to figure this out like how. Engineer the study this is a great I would I would. Rank you get. You get a random sample of black people because you know we're talking about one person subjective like experience. We don't know what his you have to get a lot of people actually. Then you're GONNA have to get white people and you're after get him wet but then you're gonNA have to get them way you're gonNA have to get them at different times of the day

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