Poles of other battleground states is that President Trump has lost His advantage with older voters. The


This is a very diverse crowd of people protest ng. You have black white, the LGBT community out there as well. And they want their voices to be heard. And one thing that we're hearing and seeing. Is that they're telling these young people to go vote. And so that's that's very exciting because people are understanding that they do have to exercise that right to vote. But I do have to say this. You know this is a young coalition of people, and it's still hard for a lot of young people to get excited about voting for two Old white man in there late seventies. I mean that's desk. This will probably be the last time or it should be the last time that we have a man that's going to be 78 years old and another one as like, I think 76 or 77, running for president. Is very hard to get young people excited to vote for

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