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Seven o'clock now, kfbk. I'm Kitty O'Neil here. The stories trending now, and he was 93.1 kfbk. President. Trump participated in a roundtable in Sacramento this morning in McClelland Park to learn Maura about the blazes that of scorch millions of acres here. The president and governor. Newsome disagreed about climate change being amazed. Main Cause of wildfires, a group of over 230 retired military officers are throwing their support behind President Trump. The group wrote a letter that says America's historic way of life is at stake because Democrats have welcomed Socialists and Marxists into the party. It goes on to claim Trump has been tested in a way few other presidents have and authorities now offering a $175,000 reward for information leading to the person who shot to Los Angeles officers in Compton. Right now. Traffic and weather together on we'll start in our traffic center. Williams, You

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