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Greetings citations my fellow patriots. Welcome to the moment host by meetings. Something that is that notorious have been around for a very long time social media. It's no longer really social. We actually sat and looked at everything objectively of course what does it really become nothing more than ads base Mr and Mrs you who bragging about how good their is even though the snow that it's not a political sounding board for ninety percent of the world to bent their frustrations, their angst, their disdain for whichever party platform, they choose not to mention the actual ability for people to speak to each other. Now relies more on a personal device. Versus actually using your voice that said what the Hell's going to happen when y'all break both your hands can't use. Thumbs y'all going be Butte can't talk to anybody the art of speaking is obviously a dead form of communication. Everybody's got to be on their phone tablet computer email whatever you wanna call it or thumbs are what they used to speak with rather disappointing. Actually those of us in the generation X. Whatever you WANNA call still know how to write cursive still know how to pick up the phone. And call somebody still can write a letter. It's ship it off in the US. PS they're not against different story. The point that I'm really trying to get to is social media has no longer become been a social thing. It's one thing or another. It's nothing more than just a giant bent platform for everybody out there. God knows if you've got to sell something, put it up there online you can't reach people on television because quite frankly people are tired of watching three minutes of programming and fifteen minutes of. Sorry. Now. I can remember way back when watch program you got eight and a half minutes program three commercials that was it, and then back to your program, they filled up with entire thirty minutes spot with the program. But Hey, last time I tried to watch anything on television and had been neutered and chop down to the point that I felt like I was watching a spam program of nothing but ads By this, go get this. You need this you're a loser you don't own twelve of these. nope not happening folks. We've got another segment coming up right after this brief break. Stay tuned. Midnight Patriot nations spartan here with a shameless plug for our new gear shop shop. Dot Midnight Patriots Dot Com. T shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, phone cases just about everything else in between we got you covered whether you're looking to embrace your insomnia, show your patriotism or make a liberal head explode. Really, Shop Dot Midnight Patriots Dot Com for a limited time. You can save fifteen percent on your order starting now. and. Now back to the show. So where we dive further and further into the rabbit hole, we would understand that social media is not social in. So much of the actual definition of social you want to keep up with friends see what they post on facebook want to find. Love and all the wrong places plenty of hidden acquitted places to go there too. It's disheartening to be for somebody that grew up. Knowing how to write a letter to express feeling in a written word versus here let me throw this in an email and hope that you understand it. Sorry. His plane as a text on the screen. But it has no heart it has no feeling has no. Guts real rather. Harder related is now saying that you know we need to go back to stone tablets and you'll sign A. Bloody fingerprint but it's nice to actually be able to read something that was written by someone who took the time to lay out a nice. He's paper, grab a pen and actually right not. Doctors Chicken scratch. Let me throw this on here and making notation. Well, there you go. Doesn't work folks honestly I'd rather go back to media has manipulated and destroyed the ability for people to social. Unfortunately. As we've seen as of late. The politics involved across every social media platform is enough to make anybody puke. It's not a this is what we're doing to try and better the country were trying to implement this. We're looking to get this. We're going to abolish this. It's now this is my opponent and they're ugly and if I tell it to you enough times, you'll believe it to sorry guys but. Not going to be manipulated like that truly, and unfortunately, social media has now become a narcissist tool remedy relation as much as I am. Having to research topics for our broadcasts and our mid, I've always and saw and so forth individual conversations accordingly it's disgusting that every time you turn around, it's one thing or another being degraded demoralized dehumanized smeared from one side of the other. It's depressing truly what all that said I, leave it up to you folks to research find out for your own stuff. See what goes on. We think I'm blind. Love me no. I'm always available for discussion whether it be through some form of social. Media. Funny I say that or when the time is, right we'll open up all lines and have you give us a call and we'll talk then until that point in time this is phoenix signing off everybody. Joy Your evening. Thanks for joining us for another edition midnight moment. Be sure to join us for the main podcast every Monday night and every Thursday night for more midnight moments. If you like what you hear poor. What we do about subscribing. Go to listen dot midnight. Patriots Dot Com. 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