Harrowing High-Rise Fire Rope Rescue Caught On Video, New York City


Drama in Upper Manhattan this afternoon as the F D. N Y sprang into action with a rare maneuver. To save a woman hanging from 1/16 floor window during a high rise fire in Harlem Has the fire burned your Lennox and West 100 35th around 1 30, firefighters spotted a panic stricken woman out a window and began a roof rope rescue from the 17th floor. Firefighter Brian Quinn remained at the window, telling her not to jump. He held onto the glass with one arm inside the window on the other around her waist. A half hour later, the fire was under control. The woman was treated for smoke inhalation F T and why Commissioner Daniel Negro called it a happy day for all that, he says That rare maneuver was last used twice in 2016.

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