FBI worried that Ring doorbells are spying on police


Agencies are are worried worried about about an an unintended unintended consequence consequence of of Amazons Amazons ring ring doorbell doorbell security security cameras. cameras. They They say say the the cameras cameras may may tip tip off off bad bad guys guys that that police police are are about about to to raid raid them them more more from from Como's Como's corn cake. At first glance, ring seems like a boon to law enforcement. Video footage from the ring camera stored in the cloud can provide video evidence of crimes, including porch piracy. Police Department's started partnering with ring to access that footage raising the hackles of privacy and civil liberties advocates and online surveillance network built into millions of inter ways is called Big Brother Or at least big doorbell. Jeff Fowler is a Washington Post consumer tech writer. Now, though, some police agencies are calling foul. Saying ring can tip off a suspect that a cop is approaching website Thie intercept cites a tech analysis bulletin from the FBI, which says quote potential subjects could learn of law enforcement's presence nearby, and law enforcement personnel could have their images captured there by presenting a risk to their president. Future safety. Civil liberties advocates say it's not just officers. They point out anyone approaching a ring equipped front door runs the same risks.

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