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77 WNBC New York News now He's re playing one of his greatest hits. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News President Trump calling Joe Biden the same thing he used to call Jeb Bush back in 2016 low energy. Tweeting his Democratic rivals back in his basement, no schedule, but that's not the case. Joe Biden will soon be out in front of cameras again. Fox's John Decker live in Washington former vice President Joe Biden taking on the president this afternoon for not helping the nation schools reopen safely during the Corona virus pandemic. This afternoon, Biden and his wife, Jill, I'll meet with public health experts in Wilmington, Delaware, to talk about school reopening options. The event is aimed a casting president Trump as a threat to Americans Day today. Security President Trump Meanwhile, tweeting Joe Biden is not on the side of law and order. He wouldn't know where to begin a bad record, he wrote. Gave John in a few hours, President Trump will be in a different Wilmington, North Carolina on this the 75th anniversary of Japan's formal surrender. He'll declare Wilmington a World War to Heritage City, home of the famous U. S s North Carolina warship that the president's also denying claims in a new book that he suffered many strokes

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