Why Blackpink's 'Ice Cream' Could Be Their Breakout Moment

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Ice cream black pink and Selena Gomez is new single which I wrote about last week I. Spoke to a couple of people over an interscope who did this huge marketing blitz? For the song. Selena Gomez partnered with serendipity the pro like going I screamed brand for her own. Brand of ice cream. Cookies and cream remix Keith. I was sent a pint. Of Cookies and cream racy remixing come to come with a download of the song in the ice cream. Absolutely. Was it ice cream song? Cream. Bundle. For melts. I will say. This is not spun kind. This is not sponsored content. I did greatly enjoyed the cookies and cream no impact on your editorial coverage whatsoever. Absolutely not I didn't I don't think I wrote that anywhere that I really liked the ice. Cream. But anyway. Anyway. There was also song. What do you think happened? What do you mean? What was what was the? Also I also wanted to mention an ice cream truck was driving around Los Angeles it was in your neck of the woods Keith. handed. Selena Gomez Black Pink Ice Cream truck was driving around Los Angeles over the weekend playing a mini version of ice cream, which was pretty cool. Anyway Songs Pretty Cool I. think that. It, it is going to be black paying. Hit in the US it's it's very modern sounding in terms of kind of intermixing singing Some kind of yawning beats some rapping It's it's very kind of like tiktok friendly and I think it's the right song for them. So do you think like feels like it feels like black paint has been percolating for awhile now? Like waiting in the wings behind bt s so to speak. Is An any you know black pink had a moment. a low key moment with sour candy with Lady Gaga on the chromatic album that wasn't a single. But now we have black Pinkus Lena Gomez together is this going to be. Potentially the song that really breaks them especially concerned that they have an album right around the corner. Yeah I think so and that's the key because their album comes out in October and they needed a this sort of big book before this album comes out because they released. So Sour Candy came out and may wreck before chromatic came out and peaked at number thirty, three on the hot one hundred that's great I mean it's a top forty hit for them. How you like that is the lead single from their new album that also peaked at number thirty, three on the hot one hundred, and again, that's great for a new artist but also it's not what they wanted. They wanted that song to to crossover in a much bigger way in the US. So now you have not only big song with Selena Gomez, but this huge kind of marketing push around this it it comes in right before the Grammy Eligibility period on August thirty first. And right before black pink's album comes out. So I think like the the social interest in this song Combined with you know the fan base is coming together because Selena Gomez is a huge huge SAR and did not and does not guest and when she does guest on tracks like. She makes wolves with with marshmallows. She made it ain't me with go there there. Yeah. The she hasn't had that many kind of featuring Selena Gomez songs that kind of fizzle. So this was Like an all out offense in in terms of getting black pink on more people's radars, it's not only in the US but. Around the world. So I think that you look back to go board had it's covered with black pink. About a year and a half ago February twenty nine. They performed at Chela, April Twenty nineteen they've been working on this new music. Obviously, we'll. We'll see how that the album does in general but this is a big look for them and I think that this was the kind of smart decision to go all out on this song and almost ensure a big breakout moment and I do think that the song rises to the occasion.

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