Why Lionel Messi Wants Out of FC Barcelona

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Sam borden six years ago we were in Brazil together and my facial hair situation was not good. I mean that isn't what stands out for me Pablo but. I think I. Think we all have different memories of experiences. SAMBORN is a global sports correspondent for ESPN and kind enough to forget the unfortunate beard I grew for five weeks while we were covering the two thousand fourteen World Cup it's actually kind of funny right I mean now World Cup in Brazil Lionel Messi was a big part of the story there and obviously is a big part of the story today to. We got to see Leo Messi in a World Cup final Sam and you fast forward six years and I bring you here today because Messi announced last week that he wants to leave F c Barcelona after a nearly seventeen year stint. Tell me why this is a big deal. The obvious answer is that Messi is the most famous athlete on the planet may be one of the most famous people in the entire world. He is not just a generational star he is a star that defines a sport. When you talk about people that are known all over the world for being absolute craftsmen absolute artisans at what they do messy is that guy? Governor. From the magical. Curiel who knows? He's a little guy from Argentina, who is an absolute wizard with a soccer ball? Hey, just tonsure. RIP UP OF REASON A perennial. He's magical. He's calculating. He's one of the most creative players with sport has ever seen. I said. I think one of the things that has always made him even bigger than just. As, see and other sports these his diminutive stature, he's not a giant he's not the one of these massive bodies. I've been in front of him several times and I'm five ten and I looked down on him quite a bit. To me that's what makes him during and beloved by so many people is that he kind of Rome's among giants and somehow finds a way to succeed in a way that no other player ever has coming up with gold medal messy. He made Barcelona. The juggernaut that it is today and him moving on that say massive seismic shift, not just in soccer but in sports.

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