What The UN Is Doing To Help Children IN Lebanon After The Explosion

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Year to approach the scene women's empowerment because we really wanted to be part of all the Feminist fide that are ongoing in this period, and we can see all over the world because the women are making their kind of a Sud- revolution expecting an asking. For a real equality. And we want to be. In this past. So this is linked to many subjects in South America the question of the pro-choice is really present. Obviously, metoo is a reality all over the world, but we also want to be present on a on a very positive constructive and and fighting spirit in the films would receive. About older subjects that could be linked to the equal equal pay for example. Is Subject of the SUJ- of a really quality is a very important subject for us and we're expecting. As many famous possible tackling this subject are you expecting to have participants from all over the world man women we really expecting to Hob? Participation from all over the world from the previous editions, we used to have between eighty and one hundred countries are being involved. We have to be even better. Because this question of women empowerment is absolutely universal and and we all come soon wizard reality in our country with reality in a context that is connected to it but we have beautiful stories to tell about it and we went inviting men of this Lee women but I think I don't have to invite them to speak about it. But I would like to invite man and film makers. To, wonder and to imagine new stories about the subject and to see how much they can be part of the feminist fights and they can be supportive who the sisters for this very potent revolution we are facing that at the end will be embracing the better situation for older humanity. So. If somebody wants to participate and submit a film, what do they need to do? So it's very simple. A full mark is pretty unique because it's one more by one minute one FEM- you shoot defeat with the mobile it's one minute long maximum and you make a very good story you have to submit you fill before October twin teeth. On a a website, which is mobile famed festival dot com.

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