Ellen & Kevin Meet Up, Miley Wants Boring

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Morgan is off but of course, hunter is here and. Scott Tweedie it's hanging out with us. Guys to be back. I actually went to announce the tonight that I'm donating one dollar to a charity for every trap that has posted. In the last month. Dollars. We're going to run you. Out. Yeah Listen Scott we're happy you're doing that I will continue the 'cause only for that reason and not for the DMZ every time I do it. There's GonNa. Serious damage. Control. Going on with that actually speaking of Damage Control Ellen is still doing some over her toxic workplace drama. So what does she go out and do she has lunch with Kevin? Hart you guys pictures are actually getting a lot of attention. Do you think he was giving her advice? You'll initially thought that would just hanging out to give each other fashion advice. By Kevin. Hart especially in this heat at the moment but I think they're probably working on another show together. In the future L. and they're probably brainstorming ideas for me. Personally I thought well, the apprentice has been done but maybe the intern. That's what we need right now from. That's what happens. If you lose, you lose the competition, you have to be Ellen's intern for a year. We'll see I, think they're just friends and I think they're meeting. But the only problem is I feel like people who are this famous are really out of touch and I feel like everybody rallying around ellen she's treated fine because they're on the same playing field, the the people who are saying that they were mishandled and mistreated where people who are working for her. I. Want someone who makes less than two million dollars a year to come out and say is a nice person because right now saying not a lot of people under to milk come into her defense. Yeah. A thousand percent even one meal. Onto a Miley Cyrus are the recent interview that she did on the call. Her Daddy podcast is really the gift that keeps on giving losing virginity and confirming her split with breakout headlines last week but now obsessed with who she wants to date next. Do you have like a? Are you hyper crazy dealing a calm person I usually end up complaining that they're boring what I need I or Definitely. Need like a calming I need an anchor. I need a wait. Someone has to bring more to the table than their plate. They can't just be like, fill me up all the. Curry you guys think that she would actually with like a very even kill boring partner is that realistic I think the Personal Daito next. That's really unfortunate for them because they know the person. Well, I'll as someone who has a new rule where he turns his phone off from nine pm to nine. AM here we go. I'd like to myself I like to think that I have a good calming anchor me Nina telling me. That's not true. I don't even understand how you can turn your phone off for that long like we were we have jobs like Howard. Was the. Heck small time they your phone off when you the best content after nine. PM I. Hope my question about this whole thing is like I'm very concerned that we're already talking about who miley supposed to be dating next. She's discussing this on the podcast because my concern for Miley is the she moves on really fast. Is it okay? I just feel like maybe she should focus on healing from the Last relationship she's been in to relationships since her split from Liam and that was barely a year ago.

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