Real Talk on Forgiveness and Reconciliation | from AC13 Live with Ryan James Miller - burst 1


I understand there's somebody that is listening to this right now and you say to me Ryan, you are a white male that is experienced a significant amount of privilege, and so particularly as it relates to this thing, you don't have a clue and so you can't contribute to this conversation and I'm GonNa tell you to everything leading up to that last even you're right. Though I may not be specifically informed or having step through that specific process. There are many others in this world that I can positively contribute towards, and so I will continue to use my voice I will continue to use my platform I'll continue to self reflect as often as humanly possible to bear out all the garbage that's inside of myself to be transparent about that, and to show people that will continue to work to be good to serve people well to care for people to forgive those hurt me to reconcile relationships not just for the good of me, but for the good of you to.

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