Kansas City Chiefs allowing reduced capacity at stadium


This announcement by the Kansas City chiefs I haven't seen too many articles on it but I was a little bit surprised that they actually have a number in mind of fans who were going to be able to go to Kansas City, chiefs games, and they're looking at about twenty two percent of capacity which we did the math it's sixteen, five, seventeen, thousand answer I don't know how you pick the fans get to go in. Because if you're going to have a lottery was season ticket holders and then you rotate there, how do you decide? Do you want to go to the first game? Do you WanNa, go to a great match up with somebody I don't know how they're going to do that. But the chiefs announced that yesterday the Falcons had said that they are keeping with state and local requirements. Capacity at Home Games would be ten to twenty thousand at the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

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