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As I'm sure you can imagine I read a lot of books to help me prepare for my interviews with my guests not to mention articles in studies I. Read Tell me developed material for my talks and corporate training sessions as well as for new articles I write from my leadership log. As such, I like to make time to read about things outside of the field leadership to give me a change of pace and scenery. While reading one of these casual reads in my reading pile I read about one of these odd facts that make for good conversation starters when meeting New People. The item in question is a law in the city of Monza Italy that says, it's illegal for people to keep goldfish in curved bowls. The rationale behind this law is that curve balls create a distorted view of what's outside the fishbowl and that goldfish would suffer because of this distortion. Now while this law can make for some interesting discussions around the dinner table. I also realized that it serves as a useful metaphor to evaluate your leadership to better understand the impact your words and actions are really having on those you lead. In keynotes. About. My First Book Leadership Vertigo. I share how leadership vertigo reverse to this gap that exists between how you view your leadership and how your employees experience your leadership. Now under normal circumstances, this gap is something that every leader can manage and shrink to ensure real alignment between these two realities. However, as we are all aware covid nineteen has made a substantial impact in the way we operate and will continue to do so for some time and with the unplanned shift to relying more on virtual communication channels over in person conversations with both our employees and our customers leaders are being challenged and tested more than ever to be strong communicators who provide clarity both for the president and what's to come as well as assurances that we can find a way to the other side. We've already seen how the cove nineteen pandemic has cast a harsh but necessary spotlight on social injustices which have gone unaddressed for far too long. To, think that a similar harsh light will not be cast on the ongoing leadership issues from the past decade or so is in many ways a reflection of our willingness to swim within our own Fishbowl, allowing those distortions to obscure the necessary effort and work that needs to be done. If we are to help organization, do more than survive this pandemic but thrive in that new reality when we finally bring a definitive end to this health crisis. Of course as I shared in my talks and corporate trainings around this concept of Leadership Vertigo, it's often hard for us to realize that we're swimming in our own version of a fishbowl. In fact, I've had many attendees come to be after my talk saying they wished they had brought their colleagues or even their boss along because they realized this is the problem they're having with them. That they are too focused on how they view their leadership that they failed to appreciate how their colleagues and employees experience working under their leadership. In many ways, these leaders are experiencing that very distortion. Those Italian lawmakers were concerned about exposing goldfish too. So how can you ensure that you're not leading from inside a fishbowl that distorts your perspective of not only what it's really like for people to work under your leadership, but what they really need from you to be successful in their efforts. Well to help you start this process of gaining more clarity awareness and a better understanding of things I'd like to share with you for questions, some of which I wrote in my book, as well as some that I share in some of my leadership keynotes that will help you with this process. The first question is. What am I really communicating to my employees? The second question. How does my emotional state impact the people around me and how I respond to them. The third. Question. What is it like to work with me? And finally. How and by helping my employees to do their best work.

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