The Barrett Brief Joe Bidens CNN Townhall Continues To The Torture Of America - burst 1


Let's get to it. Folks I. Mean we I. Guess we could say we teased it for long enough but now we have this. I don't even want to call too townhall maybe a rally a a an exercise in futility. But we're looking. At this event, this drive in town hall, the ways they're going through the hoops they are jumping in. To keep the corona hoax going. Is I wouldn't even say. Brad even creative. It's just what can we do have a drive up people like drive in movie theaters let's have a let's drive up. townhall people will love that kind of stuff. Yeah. The love it sqaure. Now. It just looks foolish. And when you have drive up town halls. You get a you get incidents like this. The first clip Jackson I sent you. Because nothing can go wrong when he put a bunch of cars. Around a stage and try to have people talk on that stage. So what what could go wrong right at the start of it Everybody. All right. Let's start off with Let's start with the coronavirus. Yeah. Yeah. So everybody I know you know somebody thought that was trump like hiding in the bushes. OR A. Sit Down and when the Hawk this horn. Yeah I mean that is just the perfect encapsulation for how stupid this entire thing is. Now absolutely ridiculous that. Let's.

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