Smoke starting to clear out; Seattle air quality improving


Turning to the weather. Tonight, some people in western Washington are finally getting a breath of fresh air. Because the air quality is improving across the Puget Sound region. Check out this map from the state Department of Ecology. It shows the air quality in our area improving ranging from good To unhealthy for sensitive groups. Let's get over to Shannon O'Donnell Mohr Rain this weekend, Shannon and what a breath of fresh air literally right so nice to see it. We've got our smoke cleaner at this point rolling through. It started last night. It continues right now, The biggest left over. Part of this is going to be the heavy rain at times. It's not the drizzle. We had a couple of days ago that just served a soap that smog you later make it sticky. This is the real deal that will help clean things out. Also the important factor the wind. We needed something to stir something up. So you can see that's happening out there tonight as well. With the breeze picking up the chance for lightning and hail, which had been pretty dominant here earlier in the game has lifted for the most part, everything settling down. You can see that we have a couple of slightly heavier showers, but nowhere near to the intensity we did earlier this evening. Most of those around Montesano and then back between two common Olympia. You've really had some heavy rain there around like still coming back toward DuPont Lacey into the north and also a pocket of leftover heavier showers around Stanwood and Camino Island. Those continue to wind down to so often on showers here for the hour by hour forecast that will take us past midnight and into this last weekend of summer. I'll let you know if that summer blue sky and sunshine will return in the rest of my forecast

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