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To Fox News. Hi. I'm Tom Wilson on the roads Just like on the ice. I keep it tough. Lindsay Automotive Group gets me with over 1400 great choices a rough and tumble a big body Dodge Super bad Harley. I love the Lexus. 00. Yeah, me too. Tough is good, but sometimes you score with finesse like me. You'll love it at Lindsay. You're perfect right awaits Lindsay cars dot com Not all facemasks offer the same protection. The Boomer naturals three layer comfortable, breathable mask is available in sizes for adults. Teens and Children with many cool patterns and colors to choose from. Boomer naturals offers three layers of cotton polyester cloth enhanced with nano silver technology. Nano silver can block tiny drops and particles from getting to your nose and mouth and recent US Slap testing shows Boomer masks are 99.9% antimicrobial. That's a big deal. Stop by your local CVS pharmacy today and ask for Boomer naturals, Nano silver masks and Gators. Tropical Storm Beta could bring up to 20 inches of rain to some parts of Texas and Louisiana over the next several days. Another Gulf of Mexico storm that we're watching. It's a real slow mover, similar what we saw with Sally. It is absolutely crawling. Once again. It's going to be another rainmaker because it's such a slow speed going to bring a lot of rain. Into areas that have seen way too much rain here over the last couple of weeks, so we still have some tropical storm warnings now stretching from the Texas coast all the way across Louisiana. Fox's Adam Clots also new Tonight, a Nebraska man claimed he shot and killed a man in self defense after being attacked during social justice protests

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