Stations. Bucks Yana San's Cobo wins the MVP award. MBA from Second Street season LeBron James Points of second James Harden, third. Patrick Reed has the lead after two rounds at the US Open for uttering one better than Bryce into Shambo, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Speech and Gary Woodward. All missing. The cut for Tiger disappointment is obvious because you felt he was close to being right in the thick of the competition. Frustrating. I'm not going to hurt for the weekend and be able to compete for this great championship feels like the way the golf course is changing is turning and that anybody who makes the cut has the opportunity to win this championship, and, uh, I didn't get myself that opportunity. There is college football on ESPN right now in the fourth quarter, coastal Carolina on its way to being to a no leading Campbell 43 to 15 in the fourth quarter. Saturday's postponements due to Kobe 19 now include Houston at Baylor in Florida Atlantic at Georgia. Southern Kevin Harvick is on the second NASCAR playoff race. Saturday night in Richmond. Big League Baseball Yankees on an eight game winning streak, but trailing the Red Sox for two in the eighth inning at Fenway. Coming

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