Houston - Tropical Storm Beta Threatens the Gulf Coast


Storm Beta still inching closer to the Texas Gulf Coast, expected to make landfall Monday afternoon or evening. The storm holding steady at 60 MPH sustained winds. And not expected to strengthen into a hurricane. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry says officials are monitoring the storm closely. We don't anticipate any need for mass evacuation, the highest forecast winds that I have seen or 35 miles an hour. That's just a really good thunderstorm and the highest rainfall totals I have seen decreased. The bolivar Peninsula is under a Ah Ah ah! An evacuation order that is voluntary. A voluntary evacuation order. That's what I was looking for. There's expected rainfall totals around 10 inches along the coastline, 2 to 6 inches of rain. Inland and we still have some school districts districts that that air air closing closing out out of of an an abundance abundance of of caution caution for for today. today. Angle Angle tonight, tonight, Esti Esti Brad's Brad's a a sport. sport. I I s s D. D. Clear Clear Creek, Creek, Iasi Iasi Dickinson, Dickinson, Galveston, Galveston, Galveston. Galveston. I am going to be closed Monday and Tuesday. Matagorda Santa Fe schools. Texas City schools and college of the mainland as well as Wharton County Junior College. All will be closed on Monday. We'll update you on that list As more information becomes available. Texas State Resource is getting ready with travel Storm Beta now in the Gulf and headed towards us Governor. Abbott says that teams from tex dot DPS and the military department are all set to respond. Should local areas needed to send a bill to

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