Dallas Cowboys We know what that'll sound like Buccaneers


To go after the break. You give a last few than in the past. That we that awesome plain gave up. WeII. We manage the night improve at all this season and start going to is gonna be ugly. It's gonna It's gonna be ugly one. I'll ask you this. I agree with you everything that you just said everything because I witnessed it firsthand. You know what with with Dan Quinn and how they started off last year, and then they got lucky towards the end to pick up some W's when Rahim took over the defence, But let me ask you this based on what happened last year. Are you confident? Do you think that Arthur Blank would get Rhoda Dan Quinn in the middle of the season or this early this early? I don't know what an awful blank mind because you know, He's he's confident. One week and next week. He's down him. But you know, I don't know what I don't know what I think is going to do to be honest with you, but honestly, I would. I would put my money on. He's probably going. Let him write this season now. And then make a decision afterwards. Okay, Well, I agree with you. You want to talk about somebody that Man. He got lucky last year. That's Dan Quinn. Thank you so much. George will quote enough from Atlanta. Let's go ahead and talk to T. Mac. He's calling up from D. C T. Mac, you on CBS Sports radio. What team needs to get it together. Yeah. So I was looking at. It Seems that you know that Coach is on the hot seat. So people say Atlanta Detroit. Yes, but I'm not gonna endeavor a big Fangio like what he did last week, and I called time out. Is like an excusable. Elway has

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