John David Washington on 'Tenet'


In which John David Washington my guest today stars is kind of the only movie and tear. It is in the movie John David plays a guy. He was basically trying to save the world is movie directed by Christopher? No Hunt is out there save this business in this world we live in. So that's a lot of burden John David how're you doing all that? Do you feel the weight of the? Shoulders. Will speak to the character was on the page did so according to what Christopher Nolan wrote I I think I have to say the world so I feel pretty good about that. Sending the movie industry Again, that's a that's a question for Christopher Nolan but I I feel. Good. Knowing. That people are going to be are finally able to to experience this sacred while they can. You know I was in there I went to Max Theater in saw what about you did you go to the actual movie theater and see it See that's what I WANNA do I want to get to an I haven't seen it in I max. I saw a private screening and I congratulate you on this because you know you've always been a terrific actor. You know you you've had clansman you did ballers he know a master's in man all this but time my friend. Your movie star. Movie Star Dental Jealous. Jealous. Right. He's. Actually happy that he saw it though he did get it he. Get He. He saw. Well this is it is. It's many things. This movie did there's no way to really give spoilers. I'm not GONNA do that I'm not even going to try to do it but. This is a big epoch the way you want to go back to the movies to see a movie, it just fills net giant screen. There's excitement in it and you're kind of the Black James Bond in this movie for Goodness Sakes Look at you and the suits people who loved the movie you're seeing it and they say, Hey, the juicy see John David in those suits. Did you get. I, I'm not going to confirm or deny g than you do have. Everybody. Says they're. For for Public Record I'm not going to confirm or deny keeping them but up that's the shadow to Jeffrey who, who, who designed, those suits who you know were really really complimentary of my hard work and not eating So I I really appreciated. We're in those suits and wearing the clothes honestly to what what it did for me. This was an interesting process for me in general just. My my way in my entry points of the character was It wasn't how I usually do things. It was the physicality of the training for two months before we started principal photography that really gave me a lot of information about who the guy is. It was something about those suits in his you know his his clothing that sort of. I thought of it like armor. You know you know. As a warrior going in for back, going to war that that's that was his armor. So a lot of a lot of those things, the extent of it, I was able to give give me informational how to internalize character the protagonist. You're talking about the training. There are stunts I mean right from that opening scene. This movie is just You know if this movie cost two, hundred, million, like they say it's all up on the screen except of course, for the one, hundred, ninety, million, they paid you. You're right.

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