On this Friday, September the 18th


David mentioned, we'll be talking Barry's with Dan Hampton later today after the 7 30 news after the 8 30 News, the chairman of the Bears, George McCaskey. That'll be interesting. Good to have you with us. It's Bob Surat. Your only link to the outside Chicagoland world at 5 56 will get all the news to you from the newsroom at six. And Mr Krizan Ege is holding court in the North Western Medicine newsroom first He has today's market outlook on Bob, If you have a lot of the munchies after listening to Jimmy Hendrix, I have some apple cider doughnuts this moment. Very thoughtful of you. Thank you. K retail sales top things off on the calendar today, Sponsored by Associated Banking the federal budget balanced report for the second quarters out as well. Today, analysts see the deficit growing whiter. They're forecasting a deficit of $150 billion compared to slightly more than 104 billion at the end of the first quarter. That report is coming at 7 30 Chicago time today, Otherwise pretty quiet today just a few things that could move the markets. On

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