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Kevin Harvick ride ride ride behind and then tell us exactly what he did to Kyle Busch. Let's see if Kyle is able to paint Kevin Harvick down the front stretch here still, with about a three car length advantage going to slide up behind gray galling here in Kabul to car links back to a full straightaway back a third place Chase Elliott. As they work out of turn for Harvick. Now is circulating this racetrack Justin under 16 seconds, And at this point we have 217 laps to go If you just joined us Kyle Busch has led 152 laps. Brad Kozlowski 80 to chase Elliott 23 17 and counting now for Kevin Harvick. Matt Benedetto has led seven laps and it's been a race not punctuated by that many cautions. We have only had four cautions tonight in this race for just 30 laps. It doesn't look like the guru hit that one on the nail of the nail on the head beginning of the race. I thought we're going to see a little more desperation in this race. Bob, we'd have about nine caution flags. It looks like a this point. We won't get that. But you never can tell Because when you get into the late stages of Bristol all take don't give. Usually we have a breakout of yellow fever. But Mark, I think you made a valid point a moment ago when you said the guys that have Cross the threshold that are in the top 12 right now. They don't want to stir the drink. They just want to get to the end of this and then move on and have a chance to continue the fight for the championship. All Grant Boyer and Erica Merola have to do right now. Doug is finished on the lead lap. Same thing for Martin corrects junior Kurt Busch. Austin Dillon. The rest of them picked. You finished lead lap. You're moving on. You finish your moving on. They have just got to survive the final. 212 laughs. Top five looked like this. Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Chase, Ella, Joey Logano and Kurt Busch. NASCAR playoffs air here, which means Toyota Racing is taking everything to AH, whole another level. That means next level tire

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