New York City Again Delays in-Person Learning for Most Students


The city's plans for reopening schools have been delayed twice since plans were initially announced back in July. In person learning has been delayed again, not enough teachers or supplies. Most elementary school students will be out of physical classrooms until at least September, 29th. Middle school and high school students will learn remotely through at least October 1st why this wasn't hammered out weeks ago, Teachers union President Mike Mulgrew says staff began to realize the needs when they got into the school buildings this week instead of an abstract or hypothetical that we knew was going to prove to it actually started to come into actual numbers of teachers. That we're going to be needed. Mayor de Blasio added. 2500 more teachers to man classrooms. The mayor was asked whether he thought parents were running out of patience with the changing scenario. New York City public school parents understand we're dealing with incredibly difficult situation. Really in perfect situation. What hasn't changed so far is that remote learning begins for all grades on Monday. Juliet Papa 10. 10 wins news.

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