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Good morning L. A hymen is just 11 year old boy and the Dominican Republic. The last time the White Sox made the playoffs in 08 is tiebreaking seventh inning double to beat Minnesota. Forthree puts the socks in the post season for the first time that since that summer 12 years ago. That's something we're never gonna forget. Especially because We Building a suntan, and now we make the playoffs for us is Really those Avery and Edwin on corrupcion in homers in the clench. Harry now hit the road for Cincinnati tonight. Cubs twins at Wrigley, You'll hear it on 6 70 score on radio dot com APP. Some 15 the giants are coming to the Bears are about a 5.5 point favorite over New York and Sundays. Fan Free Soldier Field Open. A practice kicks off today before lunchtime. Exclusive Live coverage of Soldier Field starts at 9 A.m. Sunday, right here. On Wcbm Baker. Mayfield throws a couple of touchdown passes to Odell Beckham and Karim Hunt, Cleveland Outlast Cincinnati 35 30 Miami Bubbles up from 17 points down, beating Boston one of 6114 to nothing. Lead the MBA Eastern Conference finals. Jimmy Pawl there 14 and three Clutch defensive plays Stanley Cup final set. Tampa Bay Dallas Starting tomorrow in the U. S Open is underway with Round two and Justin Thomas is now tied with Thomas Pieters. Who's on the course at minus five. Josh List NewsRadio 7 18 1 of 5.9 of them, you become news time seven. Team that means traffic and weather together on the sponsored by Amtrak dot com. Here's voter and pan. Our story this morning remains the Eisenhower out that it has been closed all morning from Ashland to Damon. And it remains so the outbound side of the Ike is jammed solid out of the burn interchange. It's a parking lot from the burner changed. Ashlyn, where traffic is diverted off may want to avoid this by using either Roosevelt or Madison. Any of those surface streets to get over to demon. And get back to the outbound side of 2 90. That's gonna be your best bad because if you get on at Damon, you're going to be a smooth sail from there out to route 3 90, But all lanes are blocked Outbound on the ICQ from Ashland out to demon. We have pictures of the whole investigation. Everything going on on the Eisenhower on our Twitter Right now at Wcbm 7 80 traffic the inbound side of 2 90. So from Manhunter Pass First Avenue, then you're heavy from California, Ashland with capers to the outbound investigation. At 35 minutes from now, 3 90 22 from Mannheim in Eden's looking great, both in and out bound the Kennedy on the inbound, traipsing brake lights from Canfield before Foster and then pretty heavy before Armitage into the burn interchange. It's a 35 minute trip from O'Hare 22 in from the junction. If you take the local lanes, the express lanes are better, but they are heavy from before North Avenue to the Ohio ST Peter, But it's a 12 minute pace from the evens in on the Stevenson inbound still approaching the Dan Ryan. No outbound problems. The Dan Ryan on the In bound side, You're heavy from the Stevenson up to the burning her change because of that closure on the up and like 20 minutes from now. The fifth downtown. I 50 seven's all clear. No delays on the Bishop Ford Lakeshore Drive north down heavy before Soldier field. The Roosevelt South bound is OK. The tristate and Jane Adams always are both looking good. So is the Reagan the 3 55 Rafferty. Three combo is wide open for you Today I eighties, all clear in Joliet in 80 94. Along with I 65 the Indiana toll Road, all looking good for Hoosiers in Wicker Park North Avenue heavy on the entrance ramp to the Kennedy inbound because of a crash, So I want to use a division or Armitage to get onto the inbound Kennedy. If you're in Elgin expect really heavy traffic on U S. 20 eastbound. It's jam from liberty to Bluff City met when you Chicago Street instead today still have a closure in Oakland, 95th closed at Ridgeland for an ongoing investigation into an overnight serious crash. 87th is a better choice for East West travel if you're going north or south and use Harlem instead, traffic sponsored by Amtrak, Amtrak has rolled out new safe travel practices, including mandatory mass required policy efficient

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