Doing damage from Alabama to Florida to Georgia. The Corona virus count now <Speech_Male> tops


It's a blue state President. Trump wants to turn red. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. There's just something wrong with Joe. He's off. Okay, He's off message will bring to Minnesota as his rival, Joe Biden also campaigns there today as early voting starts. We have three vaccines. Right now. They're in the final stage political trial the president at a rally last night in Wisconsin, the Democratic nominee when CNN Town Hall in Pennsylvania and called the Trump Corona response, almost criminal if the president had done his job. Had done his job. From the beginning. All the people would still be alive, all the peoples. I'm not making this up. Just look at the data, and Biden said he'd make masks mandatory on federal property. Later this morning, the White House will be announcing a major aid package for Puerto Rico to deal with

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