Nude man in search of Fire Sauce arrested in Oklahoma Taco Bell drive-thru


If you've ever found yourself in this situation, Dateline Oklahoma say Oklahoma City Police Department responded to a Taco bell just after 9 p.m. and reference to a call of a man going through the drive thru buck naked, According to police reports, Christopher Sale 61 years old was in his vehicle in the drive through completely naked. The police report says that he paid for his order and then asked for an additional taco. One of the employees was not comfortable with this order, And then he asked for some sauce and then more sauce. And then he asked for some napkins after receiving the sauce. He eventually left the drive through on ly to come back and ask for more sauce. The police were able to catch this young man at 61 years of age and told him that you're going to jail. His excuse. His clothes were in the washer

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