Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter: COVID-19 Outbreak Happened Because Players ‘Let Their Guard Down’

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The cardinals of the latest team to suffer a corona virus outbreak resulting in their four game series in Detroit being postponed the I. of course, was the Marlins. Here's Derek jeeter their man in charge describing how his players behaved before all this happened. Oil. Down to on this particular trip was. Guys were around each other got relaxed in. Let Their guard down. There were getting together in groups. They weren't wear masks as as they should have been warned social distancing of the entire traveling party is responsible for not following. The Protocols has instructed that that includes staffs, players. Everyone is seen seen the impact. They've seen their teammates, you'd sick. As I bring the Jeff Passan and Jessica does in Jeeter did go on to say, I think this is important that he had seen as we all have people suggesting that when they were in Atlanta, maybe the guys went out to bars and clubs and all of that strongly refuted that notion he was saying, yes, they got lax in some of their protocols, but it wasn't like they were out there doing things that were like super erase. I just thought that was important to get in. That said Jeff, what does the League's response to the Marlins, and now the cardinals outbreaks tell us about what we should expect for the remainder of this season. Greenie tells us that Major. League Baseball is saying damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, we are going to play through outbreaks and we saw that with the marlins and we're seeing that now with the cardinals, seven players on the cardinals have covid nineteen six staff members as well. Those thirteen people have been sent back to Saint Louis Right now is the cardinals trying to figure out what exactly they are going to do. They played only five games, this season Greeny, and yet the fact that they're missing potentially at least another four games possibly another week of games on top of that. MLB says, okay. This is this is reality if we want to put a baseball season on traveling around the country in two thousand twenty and it is a reality that they are embracing in full because at this point, if there's going to be baseball Greenie they really don't have another choice Jessica. What do you think? I think that honestly, this is something that's going. We're going to see it again in another team I hate saying that, but you get one player and that's what jumps out to me. So much is now seen it with two teams in a week or one player has it, and then the next thing you know you blink and overnight five, six, seven players get it, and I think even talking with, Mike, Chill, the cardinals manager everyone realizing how quickly this can spread and that's something i. feel. Feel like we're gonNA see continued throughout the MLB

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