Zucchini Mania



Going to talk about Zucchini and I understand that sale has a story about that well I just wanted to say that every time Ellen that Zucchini starts rolling in from the garden I make a particular recipe, and this recipe has its roots back in the nineteen early nineteen eighties when I lived out in the mid Hudson, Valley and I had a small baby and We just moved there. We didn't know anybody. I was totally lonely. Taking care of a baby is demanding, and just got kind of depressed right, and so my husband, one night in an attempt to cheer me up, said Let's get a babysitter and go out to dinner, so we went to West stockbridge to have dinner at Miss Ruby's cafe. We had this delicious meal and the dish that I loved most seemed like it was a very simple combination of onions and so Kini. And yet it had an amazing flavor, and so I asked Ruth the chef at the end of the meal. How that dish was prepared, and she said Oh I'm so glad you liked that dish. Mima in Texas used to make this and what it basically was was soukina onion in a pan? Some oil and the secret. Is You caramelized? You Cook Zucchini and the onion until it's Golden Brown, and starts to Carmel is, and once that happens then you add just a little bit of Sour Cream and salt and pepper, and serve it, and it is mazing so every year I remember that I remember how depressed and lonely I was. On Nice thing you know my husband did because we we don't. We don't tend to go out to eat a lot. Because we liked to cook, and we'd like our own cooking that memory of of her generosity of telling me how it made right, and how delicious it was I prepare it every year, and I am preparing it now as my Zucchini ripens in July I. Totally love that story for so many reasons I can't even tell you first of. Of all, that was so nice Oh. Dan To take for dinner second of all because she shared that information with you. It's a wonderful thing when people who love Food and love to cook share their recipes. I have no patience for people who leave out the secret ingredient that is just not cool people I just have to ask you. How was the Zucchini Cut? Was it little rounds? Was It yes, because you cut it in rally and you'll cut? Just cut the onion into either slices or chop it into bigger pieces, and then cook it in oil as I say until the secret. Is You caramelized that you let them turn that golden color? and You keep you keep stirring it, which is bachelor so that it doesn't burn? That's what An. Impulse. Simple simple and the that caramelized flavor of the Zucchini then. Combined with the creaming us of a little bit of sour cream, and you don't even need much sour cream and I suppose you could use creme, fresh or something else, or you could even put it I have in the past actually put it in a casserole dish at that point and sprinkle cheese on the top. And then put it in the oven to melt the cheese. That's another combination. Creamy nece of the dairy along with the caramelized flavor of the Zucchini and the onions. Oh, it was good and I also love the fact that it was. Her mother's recipe. Some people are so overwhelmed by Caney harvest that they really need recipe ideas. I'm betting that you. Could you know how you do that? Thing where you slice your veg and you roast them and freeze them. Do you think you do that with Zucchini? Could you slice I know you can because I do it all the time I take my excess Akini. I slice it I. Don't put oil on. On it nothing I put it on parchment paper, and a three hundred and fifty degree oven, and I cook it until the edges start to get a little golden brown color. Cool, it put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer, and then you can use them in anything. You are preparing all winter long. You know another thing you can do if you don't want to heat up your kitchen. I sometimes cut the Soukina those round slices and dehydrate them, and then I can just store them in a glass jar. Re hydrate them. They reheat. Really easily and really nicely, so that's something that you can store without a freezer without refrigeration once you've tried them the

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