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Why would you try crypto? Well, look at the end of the day it comes down to profitability liquidity. The volatility that we've got in this market is just insane. Now, what that means if you take ten tribes and you have six loses that six percent down if you're managing properly was to try to break even so you know you get stopped out the Europe percent loss the other to try that got go onto Mike one likes five percent. Which we nice very, very, very easy to do in this market, the other hit six percent. Now you go net Sarajevo gross eleven percent gained six, percent loss, yacht five percent. You don't tend to get numbers like that in traditional markets now that still gone on sixty percents, lose rights and the other twenty percent they is break even. So what I'm saying is if you work on the probabilities increasing in your five through these courses, you'll the potential is just. An. Almost so most guy. WHO In the market. Currently as way save but not a lot look. I. Wouldn't be surprised bitcoin continue on little to Saad wise run spoken of this quite a bit of liked and it is continuing not bad. It's not bad. It's holding around that eleven thousand mock eleven thousand be the new handle all night. It was still hovering around that Criollos I'm with these sought wise marketed one often does is it allows us to have opportunities to try for sats. Think. That's a worth much but I can tell you now the sats that I made when Bitcoin was at full thousand, five, hundred a now with more than double what they were of a bank two, thousand bucks them Oh it's now over two thousand. So as banking for the future profits, in Sats, is what I love. When I can get the mind with markets. saw that's where I'm looking at Bitcoin to the mom once I saw wise I'm just talking about the last few days rots in Sunday. A bitcoin at the moment eleven thousand, one, hundred, sixty, seven, standpoint, three today yesterday. It was also down point three so much movie Yes not much volatility not much to work with this Syrian. Now it did close the Dow up one percent. It's a three, hundred, ninety dollars and thirty full sentence down half a percent right now, a guy needs to push above the high that I'm looking at four a full. Coverage around around that four hundred, the last couple of days with exile play it did pull that yesterday two point nine on December list is keeping keeping on too much. Actually move it's had a booming move high. And You know a little pullback is it to be well, I'd sites to be fairly Wilkins it's at one point three percent now just under thirty cents twenty, nine, point seven and not much really. They've me to work with very similar on bitcoin cash. It was down yesterday three percent at six fifty is down point seven. Now, a guy, it just sort of slowly slipping off. And it's still holding to seven FAV old. Top Channel. Area, it has broken into these above walls does that all the continuing to kick off lungs? Like. Coins holding pretty well as well and we're looking at fifty seven dollars and forty cents down half of a percent wrought now at fifty seven, forty not macho guy and it's going to get above. Sixty dollars ready for me to have. The trend is explicitly backing. The gang may be interested once more. BITCOIN is vague is. Currently two, hundred, twenty, four, dollars sixty, it was down one point seven percent yesterday currently down point six the one in the top ten that's up right now in fact, these Donna. And look as much as it's not really that tradable for me at the minute I'll talk about you know. The contract to our does have a bit of a trend To something that would capture more attention it fourteen point four cents at the moment, and it has been sort of pretty comfortable consolidating over the last couple of weeks sort of between the high of fifteen five around thirteen or two cent range. I widened to save does have a big push hearts up point seven, three, all of a percent now. Bottlenecks also, yesterday it was up one percent, but it's looking really strong there on that daily kind of. The four hours consolidating at the moment not quota a level for breakout try just yet although very much trying it's hottest to do. So the resistance is around the rage twenty, full forty, five ish around that sort of region if a breaks above their them for sure, I'll be looking for opportunities where Bush is the pullbacks in the one hour and two hour. We my focus stand its down point three, twenty, two dollars and twenty four cents. AOL's holding above three bucks right now down point three, five, a percent yesterday it was pretty much flat on the Diet. and link yesterday had a great performance reading up six point, two, three percent which full it from the day before eleven percent at link Look as a watch list It's a fantastic looking trend and I'm waiting for pool bikes on that four hour as timeframe of choice, full cradles. So again, like I say there's opportunity at the. End of the market's getting normal bullish

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