Where did Davy Crockett die


For coffee lovers today's mystery. Well, this industry Gabi Crockett on March six. Eighteen thirty six Mexican forces stormed the Alamo afford I like old mission in San Antonio where some two hundred rebellious Texans had been holed up for weeks, the battle was over in less than two hours leaving. Great. Texas heroes like Jim Buoy, James Butler Bonham, and William Travis dead among the defenders that day was Davy Crockett former congressman legendary hundred scowl, and teller of tall tales according to sell accounts Crockett died in. A battle that according to others. He was one of a handful of men captured and later executed what really happened while there's the battle and Aaron Lace, the myth and mystery. But exactly who was Davy Crockett he was born in Tennessee. Eight seven, hundred, eighty, six as a young man he was indentured by his father to pay off debts once they were paid in full he was finally allowed to leave home. Although he was voted into Congress, no one knows where he was educated yet he was articulate understood politics and could play the fiddle Crockett's true claim to fame prior to his death at or around. The Alamo was just a hunter in his youth tessie was still a wilderness out one time. He supplied food through skills of hunting for an entire army. While in Congress, he opposed add Jackson's argument to relocate local Indians. Congress. Crockett became a freemason. He spent time in his entire legislative career fighting for the rights of impoverished settlers who felt dangled on the precipice of losing title to their land. Due to the states complicated system of grants. He introduced a resolution to abolish the United States Military Academy at West. Point. New. York because he felt that it was public money going to benefit the sons of wealthy men. He spoke out against Congress giving a hundred thousand dollars to the widow of Stephen Decatur citing the congress was not. Empowered to do that, he opposed Andrew Jackson Eighteen thirty Indian removal act and was the only member of the Tennessee delegation to vote against it. Chief John Ross, sent him a letter on January thirteenth eighteen, thirty one expressing his thanks for Crockett's vote is what was not popular with his own district and he was defeated in the eighteen thirty one election by William, Fitzgerald and here's a quote. I told the people of my district that I would serve them as faithfully as I had done before. But if not. They might go to hell and I would go to Texas history tells us that Ab Crockett went to Texas but not alone he brought with him. Thirty one tells C. Determined to join the fray if the predicted revolution were breakout Texas at the time was part of Mexico. So all background decide where to Davy Crockett died a letter, the surface in nineteen, fifty, five described house seven men were taken prisoner and. And the CROCK was one of them. But there are three accounts assay otherwise, WanNa cal survivor of a Texan whose husband was killed in the battle. She said that she saw Davy Crockett spotty inside the Alma the second account came from a slave who also spared was said to have seen Davy Crockett body within the walls. So the Alamo, the third account was from Francisco on. Tony Rhys, the mayor of San. Antonio who safely behind the Mexican lines in the battle began and had a good vantage point to witness what happened before the arrival. Of the Mexican army, he had met Davy Crockett civilians of San Antonio in the defenders of the Alamo mingled freely before the battle he said that after the battle Saana ordered him to point out the bodies of Crockett, Travis and boy crock he said had fallen in battle on the west side of the Alamo grams near Fort. This

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